While wellness officials congratulate themselves on a working job well done norge apotek.

America spends billions on pharma drugs only to destroy them at additional cost Within the last year, American drug disposal programs have claimed a lot more than 309 a great deal of prescription and additional drugs as people submit their unused medications norge apotek priligynorge.com . While wellness officials congratulate themselves on a working job well done, others think about what these numbers need to say about the state of American health care – how consumerism offers leaked in to the pharmaceutical industry and is currently running rampant. Perhaps going for a moment to understand how large 309 tons is, will help place the problem in perspective. 309 tons may be the weight of 7 or 8 fully grown humpback whales roughly.

Also, several ENTA doctors will speak at local high schools to teenagers about the dangers of smoking, how to deal with peer pressure, and the way the tobacco sector targets its marketing to teens. As part of the Great American Smokeout, ENTA is normally challenging college students to create their personal anti-smoking song and compete for a prize of $2,000. The contest is available to all public students throughout New New and York Jersey. The American Cancer Society Web site includes financial great things about quitting smoking also, a cigarette calculator, and directions on how best to become an advocate in the fight the tobacco market. ENT and Allergy Associates has a clinical alliance with the Mount Sinai INFIRMARY for the treating patients with head and neck disorders, and has established a first-of-its kind system for neck and mind cancer screening..

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