Which is recommended as a competent way to reduce HIV transmission now.

Circumcision and sexual satisfaction According to a new study when males are circumcised in adulthood they can enjoy the same degree of sexual fulfillment as men who aren’t. Researchers at the Bloomberg School of Wellness at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore carried out a randomized trial of almost 4,500 Ugandan men and found that as many as 98 % of these said their degrees of sexual satisfaction remained just as pleasant.Keith L. Which should come with further research. Within an editorial accompanying the scholarly research, University of Washington bioengineer Henry Lai and Swedish oncologist Lennart Hardell wrote that the study raises questions that are potentially worrisome.

Clinton indications pledge to invest in fight against HIV/AIDS Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton , who’s running for the Democratic presidential nomination, recently signed a pledge to invest in trading $50 billion by 2013 to fight HIV/Helps domestically and worldwide, the brand new York Times reports. Clinton also plans to concern a formal policy on the disease, according to the Moments .

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