Which is hosted by South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority on behalf of the wider NHS.

Hasresponsible for the care and development of the NHS Core Learning Programmes on behalf of the wider NHS. Further details about the NHS Core Learning Programmes Unit at: southyorkshire.uk / CLPU / index.htm or by ringing 0114 226 3318 Mary Hardie.. Related Links:-: a delivery program to reduce healthcare associated infections including MRSA – NHS eLearning – South Yorkshire NHS1 link on infection control training site second link above: Saving Lives http:home.teknical.com / nhselearn2 the Infection Control training program is part of the NHS Core Learning Programmes unit, which is hosted by South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority on behalf of the wider NHS.

The education resource follows a three-part program for infection guidelines and principles. It is both clinical and non-clinical staff. Employees can register and visit topics such as hand hygiene, clean environment and disposal of waste and sharps. To go through with scenarios and an ongoing single record how much you have learned, this is an important tool for get all in the NHS the protection of protecting both staff and patients from preventable infections.The study, compiled by Dr. Rachel Brem and counterparts from George Washington University Medical Centre comparing to the use of BSGI and MRI for female with an undetermined mammogram. Standard method required women with an unspecified mammographic has with additional clinical work ups.. High-resolution about Specifies Breast Specific Gamma Imaging did is more specific than MRI in patients with Equivocal mammograms – toward Recently Issued results of the study in which Journal of Chest sure that Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging can be more specific than MRI to investigate patients with inconclusive mammography results.

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