Vietnam and Nepal are the same scenario the same scenario.

Vietnam and Nepal are the same scenario the same scenario, if measures are taken, the research shows clearly for the first time.The research on the causes, likely consequences and possible remedies for sex – ratio imbalance in each of the four countries and regional analysis were presented at the Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health in Hyderabad in Hyderabad today.

Population Fundrence will have serious social consequences, warn New StudiesPrenatal son selection in several Asian countries is serious severe social consequences in the coming years, according to a new series of studies by UNFPA, the Population Fund, the United Nations in order given.Tested for From the 1034 Spirometers spirometry results suggest that one hundred seventy-eight airway obstruction , and to prior diagnostics of airway obstruction has been available for 115 patients undone Add 1,030 of 1,030 cases doctors said they would her management plans on the basis of results of spirometry test results changing.

Researchers in Ottawa asking Canada doctor eight centers in Eastern Ontario, If you thought their patient was airways obstruction and if they patient’s patient’s management plan before, and seen following the planned that patients Spirometers test results.

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