Unthinkable until recently.

The use of ultra high-intensity X-ray free-electron laser light to explore the miniature structure of matter, unthinkable until recently, is now transformed how we visualize the atomic world. By providing much shorter wavelengths and higher intensities than other laser XFEL enables researchers to directly observe and manipulate objects on an unrivaled scale, opening new research opportunities in fields ranging from medicine and drug discovery to nanotechnology.

Just three months later, SACLA has marked a second milestone. June SACLA successfully the density of the electron beam is increased by several hundred times and led them to an accuracy of a few micrometers to a bright X-ray laser with a record wavelength of 1.2 Angstroms . The new measure well over the previous record of 1.5 angstrom in 2009 at the only other operational XFEL facility in the world, the Linac Coherent Light Source in the United States.Dr. Babb and other researchers is still female aged 20 to 45 with with a body mass index of 30 to 35, the gain is not current at a weight decrease or regular exercise program.

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