Unfortunately with Aged Care announcement.

Unfortunately with Aged Care announcement, but I will keep Nurses in Aged Care?The Australian Nursing Federation welcomes the Federal Government ‘s announcement of funding to upgrade the skills of workers in nursing.

In response to the Minister for the elderly, Justine Elliot announcement of U.S. $ 43, funding for the education and training package, Ged ANF Minister Kearney said she was pleased to see that the Minister of the need for qualified nurses in elderly care acknowledged. ‘Seventy-six % of people go into nursing homes require a high level of care, they need nurses and assistants in nursing to meet their complex health care needs. ‘.The attempt, paclitaxel IV over 60 minutes on days one, eight, were given, to 15 once every four weeks. Trastuzumab was 4 mg / kg loading dose IV to than 90 minutes per day administration patient is not the patient is not already receiving trastuzumab), followed by week 2 mg / kg IV over 30 minutes. RAD001 was either administered daily and every week . Treatment was continues until it. Evidence of disease progression or unacceptable toxicity.

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