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Toward Mecca to linguistic, cultural needs of immigrant patients addressTwo newspapers recently examined health care providers to take efforts to promote cultural and linguistic needs of immigrants Tadalafilo.Org . Summaries appear below. New York Times: The Times on Sunday examined how hospitals operate in New York and elsewhere to react to a growing and increasingly diverse population of immigrants by the increase in cultural competence. The article profiles the efforts of Brooklyn-based Maimonides Medical Center, which opened recently a $ 1,000 clinic developed to the range to the area of the fast-growing Chinese population. The clinic doctors speak Mandarin or Cantonese and staff work closely with patients to help them understand the benefits of the blood, to undergo screening and other principles of Western medicine. Other hospitals are accommodating ‘ needs ‘ needs by turning Arab hospital beds towards Mecca 3 percent ethnic food and accommodating special needs vaccinations. ,, the efforts reflection[t] a broader national shift in health care as urban hospitals move beyond. Translations. And recognize that language is not the only obstacle they face in treating people from all over the world .

Richmond Times-Dispatch: examined The Times-Dispatch on Monday. How hospitals in the Richmond area actively recruited nurses speak to other languages, especially Spanish. A fest 2004 federal survey of nurses that 88.4 percent of nurses are white, 6 percent black, 3 percent were Asian or Pacific Islander, 8 percent Hispanic, and 0.4 percent are American Indian / Alaska Native. The 2004 U.S. Census also found that 75.5 percent of the population is white, 2 percent black and 14.2 percent Hispanic. Such figures have led to U.S. Hospitals to care nursing staff. For example, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing has an active Hispanic nurses Bon Secours recently launched a program to Spanish-speaking nurses can earn their bachelor’s degrees. Bon Secours Richmond Health System is running a mobile clinic that provides mostly Hispanic patients and CJW Medical Center have described nurses and other employees have access to a manual, customs and traditions of various ethnic, racial and religious groups. Other hospitals are accommodating immigrants through the provision of materials and forms in multiple languages ​​ , and Henrico Doctors’ Hospital posts signs in the emergency room and main lobby in English and Spanish (Smith, Richmond Times-Disp.tch,

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