This shows the connection between the two may be on hormone levels.

A 2009 study in the journal Neurology published showed that the change women recovered memory impairment to their previous levels after menopause. This shows the connection between the two may be on hormone levels, Weber said. Studies to date do not prove a direct link, but that may be due to an correctly properly, the hormones day-to – day.

the strategy is reached to achieve in addressing the high suicide rate in hard-to – groups and the next stage will be to ensure that it is implemented in the whole of Wales, and we are keen our part in our part in its delivery. .. On average, 300 people die by suicide each year in Wales – a lower rate than Scotland or Northern Ireland but higher than England – with the rate in the last decade or static. Because of the relatively small number of suicides compared to other causes of death, a cluster can distort the figure and so statistics over at least a over at least a three year period. However, young men remain the group most at risk. We need to change the culture around mental health issues, so that the characters can be identified and assistance, at an earlier date, the rate of suicide attempts and the number of those who reduce themselves harm.‘Reduce likely a risk a number of cancers, including tumors of the esophagus and mouth, pharynx and larynx people that are eat plenty of fruit and vegetable and are less likely to be overweight, this is an important risk factor for cancer. ‘.. ‘But whichever fruit and vegetables you choose, it is surely is worth the effort. There are strong indications to eating plenty of several fruits and vegetables may good for your health and lower the risk of cancer.

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