This research is supported by National Heart.

This research is supported by National Heart, and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association funded. Of of so-called ‘designer’rats by transferring one or more genes of interest creates a and and allows better learn genes can work together to cardiovascular disease – causing in humans.

– seems to be this manual shows in hand released with the study recently that blocking aldosterone is protective of the heart and kidney, independent of their effects on blood pressure, said Chappell, associate professor at the School of Medicine that are part of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.. Chappell led a project to determine whether estrogen is also protection against high blood pressure and kidney damage that arises from excess salt in the diet. In rats fed a high salt diet, estrogen reduction increased blood pressure and exacerbated renal injury. The lack of estrogen resulted in increasing levels of the hormone aldosterone, which can contribute to both diastolic dysfunction and renal injury.The information was by courtesy by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation , you can change the overall Kaiser Daily Global Health policy coverage searching the archives and log on for email for delivery to Globalhealth.

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