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Of 50 years. Taking Birth Control Pill live risk risk for certain cancers finds studyThe study found that the pill for women reduces the risk of death from colorectal cancer by 38 percent and of other diseases percent by about 12. Although the death rate among women was slightly higher on the pill under 30 years compared to the other women, started reversing the trend of 50 years. The researchers found that they could not offer any theories about cause and effect, because they just observed and compared women who. Pill with women who did not do.


View patients MLN9708 administered intravenously received on day 1 , 8 and 11 a 21 – day cycle. Mg/m2 of doses ranged from 0.125 up to 2.34 mg/m2 of. This study will be of patients with patients with MLN9708 MTD in a plurality of solid tumors.

Patricia McDonald, an associate scientific director at the Translational Research Institute at the Scripps Florida and a wizard Professor at the Department for Molecular Therapeutics is the principal investigator for the three-year projects supported by the NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and funding Kidney Diseases . – ‘Because obesity and diabetes, two of said heavy health issues, we are facing the need new treatment has never been higher,’said McDonald. ‘Several recent studies animal models show that activation of G protein – coupled receptor the GPR119 improve glucose homeostasis, or balance, About a third a positive influence both food consumption and weight gain. These financing will help us devise new assays explore all the potential by GPR119 – and may one day cause to more effective treatments. ‘.

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