There publishes articles in to prevention research.

— – The results of the EXCEL study are in sharp contrast to current asthma management in the UK where patients are often variable amounts of their anti-inflammatory treatment and rely on at rescue treatment to respond her breakthrough symptoms.

Design— – The 24 weeks EXCEL study was a parallel group, randomized, double blind, double-dummy, multicenter study, which / exacerbations compared to salmeterol / fluticasone propionate and formoterol budesonide combination treatment in persistent asthmatics.There publishes articles in to prevention research, practice and policy. And 16 publishes research interventions to prevent out of chronic and acute illnesses and to promote individual and group healthcare geared. The journal provides instruments to tackle primary and secondary prevention of important clinical , behavioral and health issues such as injuries and violence are, infectious disease, women’s health, smoking, sedentary conduct and physical activity, nutrition, diabetes, obesity and alcoholic and drugs Video. Papers from itself well aim with the educational initiatives aimed at improving capacity of health professionals, effective clinical prevention and public health services. The magazine also be published official policy statement from the two co – parent bodies, care research relevant for to prevention and public health, review articles, media ratings & Editorials..

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