The vehicle that the researcher capsule capsule only a few microns in diameter.

But it did not take magic – just nanoparticles of gold or silver atoms. Scientists mixed metal nanoparticles loaded together with the polymers of which the walls of the bubbles. The tumor cells absorbed the microcapsules and then the scientists directed an infrared laser on it. Metal nanoparticles are particularly good laser light and transmitting the heat absorbed in the environment further, heating of the walls. They were so hot that the bonds between the polymers and the shell and the capsule opened. ‘the enhancer sequence we have discovered important in regulating of EDNRB gene ‘said Shin. ‘This sequence is highly conserved between mice and humans. As EDNRB gene expression is normally regulated may help clarify how it misregulated in cancer and help in designing therapies for these diseases.

The Ludwig-Maximiliann tumor cellsdrugs are very helpful when they directly affect the diseased organs or cells – including cancer cells. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, and the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, have come one step closer to that goal: they have intentionally released a substance in a tumor cell. Placed the placed the substance in a tiny capsule that is directed into cancer cells, and is then unpacked with a laser pulse. The laser light cracks its polymer shell by heating and the capsule’TMs content released. .‘We appeal to the Germany government and the Australian insurance sector, that other countries have done rethinking look and reduce the the use of genetic More Information where gene tests has the potential of morbidity and mortality in ‘she says.

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