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The survey of 2,140 people in the UK has shown who we are a country of Slapdash Slatherers that do not focus on enough sunscreen or not again enough enough. Not using sunscreen properly in this way can result in sunburn, a sign that the skin has been damaged DNA In a In a lead to skin cancer lead to skin cancer. Source pharmacie France .

Two proteins of the immune could be cause behind many of lupus ‘ resistance to have the popular steroid treatments, scientists reported by Baylor Research Institute . Dallas now , it is estimated that over 5 lupus lupus worldwide.

, Current steroid treatments labor carried killing certain cells of the immune, including plasmacytoid dendritic cells , that type 1 interferon, an immune system substance lupus and other autoimmune bears over production Unlike other conditions, steroid treatments be not so effective against these cells patients with lupus.

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