The study was originally through trial investigator Charles Geyer.

The study was originally through trial investigator Charles Geyer, director of Breast Medical Oncology at Allegheny General Hospital at the 2006 American Society of Clinical Oncology in Atlanta, Georgia, presented in June.

Professor Spiccia said the efficiency of the system had to be improved, but this breakthrough had a tremendous potential potential We must continue to learn from nature, cope better with cope better with this process. .The innovative design of assembling and installation of the clinical setting, 6 D 6D robots couch, to high precision the treatment gantry and applicators 2D/3D imaging and location systems and that clinical software interfaces. The third and final phase of consists of the installation the accelerator module. ‘Running of the stages 1 and 2 of said first installation went smoothly and we are targeting 2 months to you complete in future installations,’explains Bill Alvord, VP of Operations.. This next generation of proton therapy system installed in three easy phase, in radiation therapy area compared surface of system for conventional radiotherapy. Phase 1 consists of of rigging and installation of the speed gantry, which has and positions the proton spring with sub-millimeter accuracy.

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