The study was as TIME CHF are.

Previous studies have largely excluded such patients.. Our in 15 in 15 hospitals in Switzerland and Germany and included 499 patients with heart failure with impaired pumping function of the heart at the age of 60 years? The study was as TIME – CHF are, for the Trial of Intensified versus standard Medical therapy in elderly patients with heart failure. Patients in both groups according to according to current guidelines, but, doses of drugs were increased in the BNP-guided group. Increasing the drug occurred within the first 6 months after enrollment , and patients were treated for an additional 12 months. This study has several relevant for the relevant for the treatment of patients with heart failure, especially since we have a population of of the patients seen in everyday practice as containing.

However, the response to this intervention differed significantly between patients aged 60-74 years and those aged 75 and older. This indicates the need for specific data in this large part of the very elderly patients with heart failure are are largely excluded from large therapeutic studies.. Response to thisstudy: Older HF patients from Intensive Medical Therapy Benefitintensified BNP-guided therapy was no more effective than a standard, symptom – guided approach in elderly patients with heart failure in reducing the number of deaths and all – cause hospitalization.– Opinion leaders identify the Best barriers for nurses increased influence and leadership as not very important decision makers and revenue support when compared with the doctors perceived, nurses focus on primary and provisions , and maintenance do not with a single voice on domestic issues .

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