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Study, whichr Survivors meet strength and fitness might challenges as they ageA major study documents the strength and fitness of the brain tumor has focused survivors found that many face healthy as they age challenge. The study by St. Jew Children ‘s Research Hospital researchers now show that although most of the participants were young adults in their 20s, many people people in their 60s, makes it less likely to live independently or attend college..

Kirsten Ness, Jew Epidemiology and Cancer Control department, the findings underscore the need to deal with the current brain tumor patients to maintain and improve their health and working strategies to help maximize long-term survivors develop their potential. If survivors were more fit, they might improve access to their communities you might be able to find out more about getting a job and live independently, said Ness, lead author of the study, which in the journal Cancer in the journal Cancer.Wish stem cells gene therapy approach potential treatment for mucoviscidosis.

To find ways as expected responsible for CF the focus of lot of research and several clinical studies have actually views of gene therapy be correcting. To date, no studies have the potential of adult stem and that use stem cells combined with ex vivo gene therapy , in which the the CFTR into cells into the cells in a laboratory environment submitted observations their introduction in the patients is evaluated.

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