The researchers studied 384 children in second to fourth class.

The researchers studied 384 children in second to fourth class, the hit by Hurricane Charley, a strong category four hurricane, Charlotte County, in Southwest Florida in 2004, survived. The storm caused 35 dead, unexpected.damage of more than $ 16300000000 and prolonged school closures.

How Children Cope with the aftermath of a hurricane life of a natural disaster is a traumatic experience for everyone, but especially for children. A new study by the University of Miami Psychologist Annette La Greca and her colleagues have shown that some children who directly experience a devastating hurricane still almmost signs of post-traumatic stress disorder two years after the event. The results suggest that new models are needed to help for intervention for children after a natural disaster. – The study, titled ‘Hurricane – Related Exposure Experiences and Stressors, Other Life Events and Social Support: Concurrent and prospective effects on children Persistent Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, ‘is published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and is available in printed form in the December 2010 issue..Everyone IGERT will be if a name reflect the overall subject area. SCALE – Sustainable Technology with Advanced Interdisciplinary Research be, and STAIR, and the other one Scalable Computing and Leading Edge Innovative Technologies and SCALE – IT.

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