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The researchers found that 53.9 % of children receive follow-up tests within 180 days of their elevated blood level tests ovládá erekci . These children were given follow-up by an average of 68, the average blood lead level at follow-up was 3.6 ug / dL lower than the initial testing, although 47.5 % of the children had elevated blood levels. Follow-up testing was less likely Hispanic or nonwhite children than for white children, for children. In urban areas comparison to rural areas and for children who are low-risk high – lead areas compared For children who did not receive follow-up testing 58.6 % had at least a medical screening visit during the 180 days after the abnormal level. In care. Follow-up testing of the foundation stone for a lead poisoning management and an essential component of secondary prevention, the authors write. To maximize the cognitive development of these children, it is crucial to improve follow-up and to understand and develop measures these these unexpected differences in care. . Contact:.

West Virginia University Health Sciences Center PO Box 9083 in Morgantown.

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