The researchers analyzed semen samples from male members of couples attending an infertility clinic

The researchers analyzed semen samples from male members of couples attending an infertility clinic. Using highly specialized molecular biology techniques, the researchers studied the epigenetic state of DNA from each man’s sperm. They found that sperm DNA from men with low sperm counts or abnormal sperm had high methylation, which regulates one of the ways the body is the expression of genes . However, DNA from normal sperm samples showed no abnormalities of methylation.

DNA methylation of known biochemical changes during epigenetic reprogramming, which is a normal physiological process, far reaching effectsuring embryonic development occurs. Disturbing epigenetic programming a faulty a faulty gene activity or function, even if there is no change in the DNA sequence, continues Sokol.The epigenetic irregularity found in these abnormal sperm samples was, in a high proportion of genes that were investigated. The results suggest that the underlying mechanism for these epigenetic changes, improper erasure of DNA methylation during epigenetic reprogramming of the male germ line to be. identify identify what causes that changes in changes in sperm DNA, then we might be able to, certain types of male infertility, concludes Sokol. This is particularly important because recent animal studies have suggested that can epigenetics have far-reaching effects. Exposures to chemicals as a fetus to adult leading diseases. Might cause such demands that the changes in the sperm DNA identified identified. Should discover studies the relationship between the action of chemicals, and changes in sperm DNA shed light on this. University of Southern California Health Sciences 1975 Zonal Ave,# 400 Los Angeles.

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