The novel molecular aspects of NPC 1C increase the blood flow.

The USPTO recently issued a Notice of Allowance for the Company’s patent related to the 16C3 antibody increase the blood flow . USPTO previously issued a patent for the company NPC – 1C monoclonal antibody and has allowed claims in a related divisional patent applications application relating to the genes , the novel molecular aspects of NPC – 1C. The company also recently patent application, the USPTO filed to the NPC – 1C antigen.

The Company believes that, based on in vitro and animal studies have shown that the antibody has anti-tumor activity of both 16C3 for pancreatic and colorectal cancer , and may have both therapeutic and diagnostic use. The antibody may have activity in other tumors as well, which to explore the company as preparation for a pre – IND package for FDA and design of a 16C3 antibody clinical trial intended moves. – ‘There is a continuous need for new targets and identify new diagnostic tools and new therapies for life-threatening diseases, especially cancer and pancreatic cancer, where opportunities exist develop significantly improve treatment outcomes and survival rates Our goal. Program is to discover and develop compounds / products that are highly specific, are well differentiated, and that may one day lead to improved diagnosis and therapy. Future research with 16C3 will determine if this antibody will meet those criteria, ‘said Neogenix President and Chief Executive Officer, Philip M.

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