The New York Times reports a network of 20 treatment centers in Oakland.

Photo by Torben Bjørn Hansen.. Posted with respect to Elie Dolgin It offers brand-new meaning to term high school: Medical marijuana can be reportedly being recommended to teenagers who have problems with behavioral complications such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder . The New York Times reports a network of 20 treatment centers in Oakland, California offers treated as much as 50 adolescents with ADHD. Bestowing bud upon kids with terminal illnesses like cancer and AIDS is one thing.Checking the Canada Health Act is precarious and places the spirit of the Action at risk. CMA’s record proposes significant adjustments to the Act, such as an array of funding options and overall performance incentives that open the door to private, for-profit care services that could compete directly with the general public system. In its statement, CMA calls for ‘political courage and leadership’ and also flexibility from within the health-treatment professions, noted CNA’s chief executive officer Rachel Bard. She added, We have to be asking what the physician community is ready to switch as its contribution to a transformed health-care system.

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