The initiatives are a product of President Bushs Interagency Working Group Import Safety.

The initiatives are a product of President Bush’s Interagency Working Group Import Safety, which Secretary Leavitt passed. In November 2007 , the group presented the President of the Group Import Safety Action Plan. The plan includes short-and long-term recommendations for continuing to ensure the safety of products that enter the United States improve.

In Beijing is secretary Leavitt and Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach of the HHS Food and Drug Administration to meet with top Chinese health officials to joint product safety advancing efforts. You plan to check the implementation of two recently signed Memorandum of Agreement in this area. Another topic will be plans to eight full-time, direct – hire establish HHS / FDA positions, along with five local staff in China as part of the HHS / FDA ‘beyond our borders ‘program.5-year follow-up shown that statins, lipid fractions and cholesterol concentrations lowerd, the long term simvastatin treat decreases of cardiovascular mortality and coronary mortality by 36 percent and amount 43 percent. These study was the first advantage the advantage the reducing cholesterol to patients with CHD, and led a revolution in the treatment heart disease aggressively.

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