* The %age of doctors with national.

* Doctors in South Korea and France were most likely no action and doctors in Brazil and Portugal and Singapore recommend least likely.* The %age of doctors with national, European or local guidelines to lowering cholesterol set targets averaged 81 percent and was highest in South Korea and Brazil and lowest in the UK and Singapore .

* Neither: All countries , Mexico directives .* Percentage of doctors with national, European or local guidelines for lower cholesterol set goals: All countries , South Korea , Brazil , Finland , Portugal , Belgium , Denmark , Mexico , France , Singapore , UK .The aim of from pediatric clinical studies Thailand is to which effectiveness of the vaccine protection of children against symptomatic dengue to evaluate infection. Sanofi Pasteur of tetravalent dengue vaccine candidates being achieve the first phase of clinical develop.. Sanofi Pasteur began in to develop a dengue vaccine in the 90s clinical trials with modern tetrahydric vaccine candidate started in the 2000s, Sanofi Pasteur quadrivalent dengue. Vaccine was assessed has been evaluated clinical studies both adults and children in non-endemic and endemic countries .

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