Tape is usedld Backpack Making The Grade?

A study by APTA member Shelley Goodgold, associate professor of physical therapy at Simmons College in Boston, that 55 % of children conducted backpack loads surveyed heavier than 15 % of their body weight, recommended maximum safe weight loss for kids of most experts. – ‘It is disturbing to children wearing backpacks heavier than the recommended weight limit, especially in view of the vulnerability of young people growing musculoskeletal system during this year there are,’Good said Gold.. Tape is usedld Backpack Making The Grade?While a backpack is still one of the best ways to tote homework, an overloaded or incorrectly worn backpack gets failed, according to the American Physical Therapy Association .Improper backpack use can cause injury, especially in children with young, growing muscles and joints.

Worn correctly and not overloaded, a backpack is supported by some of the strongest muscles in the body: the back and abdominal muscles. These muscles work together the trunk the trunk and keep the body in the correct posture.At the time School District Superintendent Guarantees parent about changes to Condom Policy.

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