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Source: Thomas G. McGill Sandra C.Measles and water-borne outbreaks in Horn of Africa and Kenya worried World Health Organizationis the number of people infected with measles and water-borne diseases are growing at an alarming rate in the Horn of Africa and some neighboring countries, says WHO . Cases of severe diarrhea in Kenya and Ethiopia are a serious problem, the organization.

In Mwingi and Dadaab refugee camps there are 462 confirmed cases of of measles and 11 deaths from the diseaseIn a communique wrote wHO:’The vicious circle of hunger-ill-health – poverty means that are devoted fewer resources for health care, such as health – increasing needs due poor diet, lack of water. And population shifts , which leads in precarious in precarious sanitation, further reduce the risk of communicable diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, acute respiratory infections and measles. According to WHO,of acute watery diarrhea and measles in Djibouti in Djibouti and Ethiopia.In 2008, study authors sent of our is a four-question poll to the directors of and coordinators of all the four hundred sixty accredited care medicine residencies.

Over half of of the documents submitted an answer. Below react primary care medicine residency programs, 52.1 % reported that it refuses Drug sample, 6 per cent withdrawn sector gifts or foodstuffs, 5 % does not allow industrialized Promoted of residence Things to reject 44.1 % and industrialized access to the students and residents at the family medical medicine center of. Seventy-five residences of were classified as ‘Pharmaceuticals – free’, meaning they were non be to be described one activity.

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