Researchers Is this the future?

Researchers Is this the future?Potential molecular targets of anti-HIV drug nelfinavir have been identified, and may explain why the drug is also effective as a cancer treatment. Results are the 28th in the open – access journal PLoS Computational Biology on April 2011 will be published.

The MRI scans showed, although cardiac chambers were not enlarged, heart disease.tricular mass in the marathon runner significantly higher than in the general population. LVM is the weight of the muscle of the left ventricle, the main chamber of the heart. Marathon runners marathon runners had an average weight of 141 grams of LVM compared to a normal weight of about 77, – said, The change in the heart mass, as the body reacts to the endurance training, Sandner. In some runners, it can also be an early sign of heart disease.In the meantime, low vision / visual rehabilitation specialist help the visually impaired patient the most of its remainder vision of. The Akademie has recent developing a vision of rehabilitation initiative known as SmartSight (), to tips, techniques and resources to low vision patients to develop daily life everyday.

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