Reports the Hartford Courant.

Part D overpayments: CMS said it would recover $ 4 billion in overpayments to Medicare Prescription Drug Plan providers in 2006, reports the Hartford Courant. According to CMS, drug costs were lower than in 2006 due to increased use of generics expected. The overpayment recovery is an annual process to treat advanced payments to drug plans with the actual cost of drug coverage reconcile, said CMS (Hartford Courant.

‘Patents are often the most important assets of small biotech companies, and they rely on this intellectual property in order to attract investors to the need for lengthy and expensive research and development process in order to finance bringing breakthrough new therapies and other biotech products for patients and consumers.S. Economy by enhancing patent quality and the efficiency, objectivity, predictability and transparency of the patent system.They report successfully pilot Programme on delivering HPV and dTap vaccine focuses non get pregnant and post-partum female. The North Carolina pilot program was improve until HPV vaccination coverage in non-pregnant women Preliminary data from a Klinik indicates that non-pregnant women Already a HPV have been offered, but when post-partum women were offered to vaccine, increased the immunization rates vaccination rate 0-44 %, the women would can not be vaccinated if this program was not present, Swamy said.. Of Pediatrics A vaccine in females, OB / GYN offices can supply ideal venue.

Obstetricians / Gynaecologists offices may be the perfect place for have for the promotion of coverage rates in women, say researchers at the Duke University Medical Center.

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