Relatively inexpensive imaging device to light up malignant brain tumors and various other cancers.

Malignant brain tumors known as gliomas are being among the most lethal tumors, with patients surviving about 15 a few months after diagnosis typically. We realize that survival statistics increase if we are able to remove most of a tumor, nonetheless it is impossible to visualize with the naked attention where tumor stops and brain tissue starts, and current imaging systems don't give a definitive look at, said Keith Dark, MD, professor and chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, the article's senior author. Gliomas have tentacles that invade regular tissue and present big difficulties for neurosurgeons: Taking out an excessive amount of normal brain cells can have catastrophic effects, but stopping brief of total removal gives remaining cancer cells a relative head start on growing back.Antidepressant use among seniors: Dropping through Medicare’s doughnut hole? A new research links the gap in Medicare Part D insurance and cutbacks by seniors in using this and other medicines. Philadelphia Inquirer/HealthDay Information: Medicare Coverage Gap COULD CAUSE Seniors To Forgo Antidepressants The Medicare Component D drug plan’s gap in protection – – often referred to as the donut hole – – has long been a concern, and a fresh study links it to cutbacks by seniors in the usage of antidepressants and various other medications. An estimated 13 % of seniors aged 65 and older suffer from depression, professionals say. Antidepressants can end depression from returning, but the Part D advantage – – especially the insurance coverage gap – – imposes a significant risk for discontinuing maintenance antidepressant pharmacotherapy among senior beneficiaries, the study authors found .

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