Program coordinator for the project.

J A further challenge Southern is a lack of comprehensive data on the number of HIV cases among Hispanic immigrants. All population figures in Gulf Coast states before Hurricane Katrina are gathered completely outdated Frasca said, adding that. Officials assumed that 3 percent of new cases occur among Hispanics in Mississippi ,, more than 8 percent of new cases among Hispanics , which come probably already much higher than the proportion of[ Hispanics] in the state, he said (Martin, Tell Me More, NPR.. Commission Commission on AIDS project focuses on HIV / AIDS among Hispanic immigrants in Deep SouthNPR ‘s Tell Me More on Wednesday included a discussion with Tim Frasca of the Latino Commission on AIDS to the organization Deep South Project. The project aims to develop strategies to combat HIV / AIDS among Hispanics to address in Mississippi and six other Southern states with rapidly growing populations of new immigrants, said Frasca, program coordinator for the project.

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