Personalized cancer drug delivery.

The National Institutes of Health Viterbi professor Andrea Armani has tapped to an important tool for the researchers to develop a step closer to realizing this vision. Personalized cancer drug delivery, depending on the approach, it could be as soon as 10 to 15 years away, says Armani, an assistant professor of the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

Armani NIH 2010 New Innovator Award, the selected one recognize recognized with exceptional creativity and bold approaches that have received the potential to make a major impact on broad, processes that important problems in biomedical and behavioral research. .Of the 10 women were given BMT 1 week post chemo, all but they obtained plurality of successful pregnancies in the study. The gave birth to four rolls gave a birth on five litters , and seven gave birth to six litters of puppies. All the pups were descendants of of the recipients. In a comparison group of 13 women who are not received bone marrow to chemotherapy, have 10 became pregnant but none that longer than three litters.

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