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Over a decade ago, Friedrich Bonhoeffer and identified the key molecular the most important molecular orientation cues in building visual circuit in the brain involved. Known ephrins and their receptors as EPH These molecules A and B A and B Family ‘A ‘family members are in a rostrocaudal ) gradients in the tectum expressed while show ‘B ‘family members a dorsoventral gradient of expression rx generisk . Like longitude and latitude lines on a map of the earth to interpret these gradients of expression, that the respective lead levels of the A and B EPH and ephrins position coordinates in the brain retinal axons identify and innervate the corresponding target sites within the tectum specify This influential model can be found in most undergraduate textbooks. Is noteworthy that until now the actual developmental expression pattern of EPH and ephrins in the brain were not studied in detail. The results of a longitudinal study of their expression patterns recently in Developmental Neurobiology by Valerie Higenell published Dr. Ruthazer laboratory, in collaboration with colleagues at SUNY downstate and UC Santa Cruz are surprising and require a fundamental change in how scientists think, and on the contributions of the Eph Ephrin gradients visual system mapping. – ‘While our data on the slopes of expression EphA and ephrin-A was very consistent with the prevailing model that the gradient of EphB expression via the tectum the opposite orientation the opposite orientation to that which reported reported,’Ruthazer said: ‘It is as if we suddenly discovered that we held our card was upside-down all along. ‘The study confirmed that ephrin-As exhibit high caudal to low rostral expression patterns throughout the tectum is approximately complementary to EphAs expression as expected. High uniformto the prevailing model, however, found that study Ruthazer EphBs not in the tectum in a high anterior dorsal reported low gradient as described previously by others, but in a high dorsal ventral expressed low pattern.

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