New research released in the March problem of CHEST.

Although the causal nature between antibiotics and asthma is still unclear, our overall outcomes present that treatment with at least one antibiotic as a child appears to be associated with the advancement of childhood asthma. Experts from the University of British Columbia examined the association between antibiotic publicity during infancy and the development of childhood asthma. In a meta-analysis, experts reviewed seven research that compared exposure to at least one antibiotic to no exposure in the first yr of lifestyle. Of the 12,082 children contained in the analysis, 1,817 instances of childhood asthma were reported.‘Over time of five years, arrhythmia-free survival rates for individuals who undertook the chance management program were 87 percent, weighed against less than 18 percent of the control group,’ says the study's lead author, Dr Rajeev Pathak, a Cardiologist and Electrophysiology Fellow with the University of Adelaide, the Royal Adelaide Medical center and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute . ‘That is an essential finding since it shows the large gap between what happens when patients are able to manage the underlying risks of their health insurance and those who rely solely on medical intervention,’ he says.

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