McCracken continued.

This will be led by George Griffin, professor of infectious diseases and medicine at the University of London St. And Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens. It is important that we have a full understanding of this outbreak because of the large number of people who appear to be affected and the wide range of animals, so we have to do all the lessons from this serious outbreak. And I am determined that this organization does, what changes are necessary in response to the results of the investigation. .. Mr. McCracken continued: . I decided to take a guided investigation of the outbreak, the external factors which contributed to it and its use.

First, the HPA said that the first case had come on 27 August lit, but initiated for an immediate inquiry into the incident by the CEO, Mr. McCracken received confirmation late Monday that the agency has a report of two cases in received in the past week. – Mr. McCracken said: – I wanted to speak in person If this information had been consideration of August 27, then the advice and would have given the steps taken on September 3, have introduced previously and the farm could be completed earlier. the parents of the children, most hard to explain ill in hospital, what happened and like to excuse inadequate under the circumstances are. The position, they find themselves in is unbearable and it is of course worse that what happened might have been avoided .###For further information, please contact:Prof. Jan Carlstedt – Duke Dean of ResearchKarolinska Institutet it on leading medical universities Europe. Through research, education and Code, Karolinska Institute contributes to improving human health. Each year, the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute assigns a Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. For additional information.

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