Maybe the headline of the tale doesnt surprise you because.

American distrust in deceptive mainstream media hits an all-time high If you’re a devoted reader of Natural Current information, maybe the headline of the tale doesn’t surprise you because, obviously, you are right here for information you just can’t enter the so-called ‘establishment’ mainstream media. But perchance you didn’t quite understand the extent of the mistrust the American people have for the Fourth Estate, that was, at our nation’s founding, given unprecedented and exclusive freedoms so as to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted better control . So very much for the original contract.

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American Crimson Cross introduces fresh storytellers ad campaign The American Red Cross today launched a new storytellers ad campaign featuring unscripted stories created and filmed by actual people helped by the charity. The first ads are area of the organization's holiday giving feature and marketing campaign people impacted by house fires and flooding. Additional TV and printing ads, which are effective and personal accounts of how those presented have already been touched by the Crimson Cross, are being released as public service advertisements . ‘We wanted to tell the tale of the Red Cross through the people we serve, while at the same time demonstrating the breadth of our mission,’ stated Peggy Dyer, chief marketing officer of the Crimson Cross.

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