Learning faster after stimulation In a second study.

.. Learning faster after stimulation In a second study, which recently demonstrated in the European Journal of Neuroscience, spark the group show that rats also learned more quickly if they with the activating stimulus protocol before each training, but not if the inhibiting CTBS protocol was used. It was seen that the initially reduced form of the protein parvalbumin was again increased by the learning process, but only in the areas of the brain involved in the learning process. For animals that are not involved in the specific learning task, PV remained reduced following ITBS. The treatment ITBS therefore initially reduces the activity certain nerve cells inhibits general with the result that the following learning activities can be stored easily, concludes Prof.

They are produced by several cells as a function of inhibiting the activity, with the result that their amount is the information about the activity of the nerve cells in question. Only in the regionslus patterns specific to certain cells.. Inhibitory cortical cells are especially sensitive to stimulationResearchers in Bochum are now for the first time that an artificial cortex stimulation specifically have changed the activity of certain inhibitory neurons used as a function of the stimulus protocol shown. The balanced interaction of excitatory and inhibitory neurons is the absolute prerequisite for healthy brain function. Specialized nerve cells in the inhibition of other nerve cells show a much greater diversity in terms of the cell shape and structure activity than their counterparts excitatory.Courtesy of to can use the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Reports see search or, or sign up for mail service to Kaiser Daily Health Policy Reports press for emperor network. A free service from of The Henry J. Publishes. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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