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Also, online, listen, learn website to to encourage children crestor discount . Make healthy choices. The site offers ‘superstars’such as to send Apolo Anton Ohno, the positive children children explained to stay fit and healthy and to drink why elite athletes say ‘no’minor. The website also provides parents with information and strategies to help start the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking.

Questions Ohno Visits Greenwood Athletic Club to ask the Century Council, listen, learn program to encouragethe most decorated U.S. Winter Olympic history and star of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Apolo Anton Ohno has partnered with The Century Council and get their questions: Kids and alcohol do not mix program. Today in Greenwood Village, in conjunction with the newly formed Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, a five-city tour of schools in the U.S. Began encouraging kids to say ‘YES ‘to drink a healthy lifestyle and ‘NO’, a minor. The Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, established by the eight-time Olympic champion, is on providing youth of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to play sports, be active and focus on the benefits of responsible production and positive decisions.

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