Lamoreaux WT escitalopram weight gain.

Lamoreaux WT, Grigsby PW, Dehdashti F, Zoberi I, Powell MA, Gibb RK, Rader JS, Mutch DG, Siegel BA escitalopram weight gain . FDG-PET evaluation of vaginal carcinoma. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. July 2005, 62 :733 – 737th.

According to Grigsby, if cervical cancer does not spread on its primary site, about 90 % of patients survive. The survival rate drops to 70 % if spread to lymph nodes spread to lymph nodes in the pelvis. The next stage of progression, in which to to nodes near the heart, has a survival rate of 30 to 40 %. After that, untreated cervical cancer to move to nodes near the collarbone and not be able to survive. – ‘It is very important to know the time of diagnosis, for both cervical and vaginal cancer, which has not only the patient in the pelvis, but where the tumor has spread, ‘Grigsby says. ‘This will absolutely determine the type of treatment. ‘.

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