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Alteration in tumor suppressor gene TP53 plays key function early in advancement of bone cancer The St. Jude Children's Study Hospital-Washington University Pediatric Malignancy Genome Project found mutations in the tumor suppressor gene TP53 in 90 % of osteosarcomas, suggesting the alteration has a key role early in development of the bone cancer. Today online ahead of print in the journal Cell Reviews The research was published pleasant to take read more . The discovery that TP53 is altered in just about any osteosarcoma also really helps to describe a long-position paradox in osteosarcoma treatment, which explains why at standard doses radiation therapy is ineffective against the tumor mainly.

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Alternative anti-inflammatory drugs promise less cardiovascular problems Researchers at Queen’s University and the University of Pennsylvania have identified one reason medications like Celebrex and Vioxx – once popular for the treating pain and inflammation – trigger heart problems. Their findings offer the prospect of a new generation of anti-inflammatory drugs that may bypass this issue, says co-author Colin Funk, a professor of Biochemistry and Physiology at Queen’s, and Canada Research Chair in Molecular, Cellular and Physiological Medicine. Although these results are in mice, not people, they raise an exciting possibility which may be tested in human beings, he adds.

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