Its making awesome progress!

America earns B+ on medical fascism scorecard as government prepares to violate the body with toxic injections How’s America doing in the march toward medical fascism and the obliteration of individual rights beneath the banner of ‘science?’ It’s making awesome progress! The nation right now earns a B+ on the satirical ‘Medical Fascism Scorecard’ demonstrated below. How achieved it accomplish the B+ quality? By marching down the path of Adolf Hitler’s science-based eugenics / master race applications through the staging of psychological warfare against the public with a fear-structured vaccine hysteria campaign. The best goal of the advertising campaign, of course, is usually to obliterate medical freedom in America and establish a precedent where in fact the national government owns your body avanafilis (spedra) .

The future goal of the task is to pave just how towards development of novel drugs that could invert its cancer-promoting results. Alexander Deiters, PhD, NEW YORK Condition University, will investigate microRNAs, which are stated in every individual cell and have been found to modify thousands of genes. Misregulation of microRNAs has been linked to several cancers, including mind, breast, colon, liver, and lung cancer tumor. The researchers hope to discover little molecule modulators of microRNA function, which could eventually result in novel drugs. Cancer Treatment YongCheng Melody, PhD, Baylor College of Medication is developing drug applicants to focus on an enzyme important for the growth of a kind of leukemia occurring in infants .

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