Its decision 35 catamaran Ladycat and Go Red for Women.

‘.. Three-year partnership between the Go Red For Women And Dona Bertarelli Ladycat Allows Campaign to grow by 56 percentThe three-year partnership between Dona Bertarelli, its decision 35 catamaran Ladycat and Go Red for Women, the international campaign of the World Heart Federation the public awareness of public awareness of heart disease and stroke in women, ended in December 2009. – ‘Thanks to Dona Bertarelli ‘s support , has taken over the campaign off in 47 countries when the partnership began, the awareness of the need for women to look after their heart health and the creation of a genuine dynamics Major advances have also been made in raising in obtaining attention of policy makers, ‘says Helen Alderson, CEO of the World Heart Federation.

Mimi Shirasu – Hiza, a postdoctoral scholar in the laboratory of David Schneider, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, presented the findings at the annual meeting held by the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco.Long term survival dynamics rather than age Predict is life expectancy in deer.

With data telomere length within red blood cells and that long-term survival wild birds, we have found that individuals with slow erosion to the relatively long telomeres are the highest survival.

Telomere dynamism, however no chronological age predict longevity, thus providing the finest evidences as far for a mechanistic communication between telomere erosion and reduced organism longevity of under natural of Service.

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