It was very exciting.

Our findings have the potential to ‘the knowledge of pathways, genes and proteins in hundreds of people involved promoting diseases and perhaps contribute to better treatment strategies for some of these serious diseases, Donahoe is the Marshall K. Bartlett Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.. ‘It was very exciting, the disease expertise of researchers at MGH and Harvard Medical School integrated with the work of leading systems biologists at the Technical University of Denmark ‘says Patricia Donahoe, director of the Pediatric Surgery research at MGH and co – corresponding author of the PNAS study.

‘Disease processes in humans are still not understood exhaustive and characterized, in part, because it is the result of complex interactions between many molecules, which take place only in certain tissues or organs that are directly experiments to study these interactions in human patients. Possible possible, the limits of our understanding of how diseases arise and which molecules and genes are involved, ‘says co-lead author Kasper location, the MGH Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories.Performed Management Board delays in time limit for Drug – Tracking Requirement.

The California chemist Board of Management on Thursday unanimity of two years being the time limit for the implementation of electronic drug tracking system in that the state legislature authorized 2004, which in New York Times reports delaying. The new deadline is 1 Pollack Pollack, New York Times.

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