Including bleeding ulcers and death.

‘The relative GI safety of the COX-2 inhibitor class represented a major therapeutic advance for sufferers at increased GI risk who require long-term NSAID therapy,’ says its leading author, Jeffrey Greenberg, M.D., M.P.H. ‘The challenges associated with limiting diffusion of novel therapeutic agents to broader patient populations will tend to be challenges that cross subspecialty boundaries within the US health care program.’ Clinical trials serve to determine the efficacy of a novel drug substance. However, the patient population for which a medication is prescribed often expands after FDA acceptance. This scholarly study underscores the potential value of post-marketing observational registries.This function is somewhat equivalent to previous research we've finished with polymer-based nanogels – but there is a key difference, says Dr. Zhen Gu, senior writer of the paper and an associate professor in the joint biomedical engineering program. The difference is usually that this liposome-based technique we can introduce additional ATP in to the cancers cell, releasing the medication more quickly. Being able to adjust ATP levels is important because some cancers cells are ATP deficient, Gu provides.

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