In the third paragraph of your letter to the BMA in December 2006 donepezil drug.

In the third paragraph of your letter to the BMA in December 2006, you stated that the DCA believed deterrent effect donepezil drug .ipman might have deterred by his murderous activities, he was aware that his cremation forms from a member could have been investigated, the family. I regret that I do not share your optimism that this change alone quenched Shipman. Our view is that it’s too easy to think that this would have Shipman and meaningful coroners reform changes that we have advocated, stopped including the complete overhaul of the death and cremation certification much have rather have the required deterrent effect. Limited modifications Cremation Regulations in isolation is any significant change any significant change in the public perception of the effectiveness of the current system.

Last year, the BMA has expressed disappointment at the decision of the government’s plans to drop the process of death certification to the certification process combine cremation.


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