In collaboration with investigators at Washington University.

Anti-depressants could slow starting point of Alzheimer’s disease A University of Pennsylvania researcher has found that the common selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor citalopram arrested the growth of amyloid beta, a peptide in the mind that clusters in plaques that are believed to trigger the development of Alzheimer's disease instruktioner-for-anvandning-av-priligy.html . Penn, in collaboration with investigators at Washington University, examined the medication's effects on the mind interstitial fluid in plaque-bearing mice and the cerebrospinal fluid of healthy individual subjects to draw its conclusions, which are detailed in the brand new issue of Science Translational Medication.

Obesity is the total result of many motivational factors which have developed to encourage us to consume, not least our susceptibility to the sights of food and the pleasures of eating energy wealthy foods – elements which are, of course, all too exploited by food manufacturers effectively. ‘As psychological factors are crucial to the development of obesity, drug companies should take them into consideration when designing new medication therapies. We’ve learned a great deal about the neurochemical systems that govern processes like the wanting and liking of meals, and it’s period to exploit that understanding to greatly help people manage their consuming behaviour.’ Anti-obesity drugs can work in different ways; for example, by suppressing appetite, altering fat burning capacity or inhibiting the absorption of calories from fat.

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