If approved by a majority of the general public.

Colorado’s GMO labeling measure Prop 105 to be voted on in November Activists and worried citizens in the state of Colorado possess succeeded in having a proposal placed on the November ballot that, if approved by a majority of the general public, would make it mandatory to label genetically modified foods, according to a recently available announcement by the secretary of state’s office. As reported by The Washington Post, the measure’s backers submitted nearly 40,000 even more valid signatures to state officials than the needed 86,105. The measure is called Proposition 105 common info . The Post noted that, already, groups and corporations are lining up to oppose Prop 105: The keeping the measure on the ballot could bring a huge wave of corporate spending, as was seen last fall in Washington state last year.


Colorado’s best-known college nutritionist says the entire trans-excess fat ban is do-able. Ann Cooper, author of the ‘Renegade Lunch time Lady’ blog, is in charge of food program at the Boulder Valley district, thought to be the only public school district in the declare that is trans-fat free. ‘We don’t serve convenience food, we don’t serve junk food,’ Cooper said. ‘That’s where the trans-fats is. You cook from scratch, it’s not a issue cutting all the trans-fat.’.. Colorado mulls toughest trans-fat ban in country The thinnest state in the country might be getting even thinner. Colorado is mulling a trans-fat ban in school cafeterias that would be the toughest in the national country.

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