Forty-five infants had a first episode of late-onset sepsis

Forty-five infants had a first episode of late-onset sepsis. The researchers found that, overall, late-onset sepsis occurred less frequently in the BLF and BLF and 29 LGG groups than in the control group . The decline came for bacterial and fungal episodes . The sepsis – attributable risk of death was significantly lower in the two treatment groups. Has no negative effect on the treatment. – ‘Prevention of neonatal sepsis relies on hygiene measures, cautious use of invasive procedures, medication stewardship management fresh milk, and early diagnosis Yet, none of these interventions fully effective in reducing the burden of disease and overall have not been subjected to randomized controlled trials. This study has shown that additional BLF, either alone or in combination with LGG, first episodes of late-onset sepsis in VLBW ‘reduces infants, the authors conclude.

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