Forbid Police continue and interfere with opposition rallies and stop opposition activists en savoir plus.

Forbid Police continue and interfere with opposition rallies and stop opposition activists. Thousands of villagers have been displaced by the recent political violence, and estimated to have died at least 60 en savoir plus . Recent explosions of violence in South Africa point to the regional impact of political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe, which have caused millions to leave the country. – The government of Zimbabwe must interfere with the functions the agencies and the flow of humanitarian aid and ensure that the June 27 runoff election free and fair, if it proceeds, said Briggs Bomba of Africa Action, which was part of a joint Africa Action / TransAfrica Forum Observer mission to Zimbabwe last March. The international community can play an important role in helping open up political space for democratic participation of all Zimbabweans to play. Particularly important is the support for the efforts of regional actors and local civil society, a temporary transitional government oriented constitutional reform to develop. Democratization and professionalization of state institutions and future free and fair elections .

The U.S. And thembabwe urges international support – Africa Action New Analysis emphasis on the role of civil society in resolving the crisisHow Zimbabwe political and social climate grows increasingly violent, publishes Africa Action, a new set of policy recommendations, such as the U.S. And the international community to to support a just and peaceful democratic transition for Zimbabwe. The ZANU-PF government crackdown on the activities of the non-governmental organization such as the international humanitarian groups CARE threatens starving millions Zimbabweans. More than a third of the population survives in need of food aid. As the runoff election for the presidency elections for 27 June approaches planned, the possibility of incomplete transition arrangement about the only viable approach has emerged. International support for Zimbabwean civil society and regional actors will be critical to the design of an interim government, which not only creates an environment for free and fair future elections at least 60. Allow free transfer of power to the winning party.


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