For our patients for our patients partner partner.

‘I could not be happier with the way that SHM and hospitalists generally identifies OHRP judgment as a threat to patient safety and the quality and mobilizes resources to formulate policy modify modify our success proves in this case, for our patients for our patients partner partner, and will not be deterred by , this is a proud moment for our field. ‘.

The leadership of these organizations in the process of galvanizing its members have to contact their elected representatives at the OHRP the reversal. ‘This is an important day for the quality improvement efforts in our nation’s hospitals,’said Larry Wellikson, Chief Executive Officer. ‘We are with OHRP decision to overrule the original decision and applaud their recognition that flexibility is important when considering the well documented and respected pillars of an institutional review and informed consent, with the advantages of quality improvement Serve projects for the patients we like. ‘.There important to note that actual results of operations may in such forward in such forward – looking statements. Include factors which different could cause actual results may could be include, but are not limited to, uncertainties related to the completion of preclinical and clinical trial to our third-party technologies, which early the product development phase, the significant cost to our products as all our other to design products are currently in the develop, preclinical studies and clinical trial, and obtaining additional financial resources our operations our operations and the development of our product, obtaining regulatory approval our technologies;.

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