Especially since these disorders occur more frequently in women than in men to fight.

Scientists have long interested in the role of sex hormones play the body’s ability to auto-immune diseases such as MS, especially since these disorders occur more frequently in women than in men to fight. But the link between pregnancy and MS has been hotly debated.

And this year, the researchers found in the United Kingdom during pregnancy increased the disease-fighting CD4+ CD25+ T cells.. In 1998, scientists in France one step closer, disease fightingto rest when they conducted the first major study aimed to evaluate pregnancy and childbirth on the course of illness. The group thought it was a clear reduction in the rate of MS relapse during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Three years later published Offner and a team of OHSU and Portland VA Medical Center neurologists a study, treatment with low doses of estrogen protects mice from developing EAE, but the mechanism of action And this year fully characterized.However, the presence by AT1 receptors at tissues throughout the body, including the heart, blood vessels and brain has made it difficult the protein the proteins roles in individual tissues, Coffman said.

For example, it is perhaps why reductions in a low salt to effectively lower blood pressure to some people, but others can not explain, she said.. .some people, but monitoring of blood pressure proposing the new approach to treating high blood pressure treatment.

The results further suggestions, like address the underlying causes of hypertension may vary if patients, having some cases made kidney abnormalities and other of abnormality in other fields, such as blood vessels, the researchers said.

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