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Article: ‘Acute Kidney Injury after liver transplantation: definition and outcome’Barri, Yousri., Sanchez, Edmund; Jennings. ,, Melton, Larry; Hays, Steven; Levy, Marlon; Klintmalm, Goran Liver Transplantation, May 2009. Editorial: ‘What’s in a name AKI Connie Liver Transplantation, May 2009 .

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The current issue of Nature Nanotechnology Letters, Tao describes the first direct measurement of a a fundamental property of graphs, famous such as quantum capacity, utilizing electrochemical gate method. Better understand this decisive environment variable should be invaluable to other research the participation in that. To a gold rush by graphene research In fact, theoretical working to single atomic layer graphene structures have right behind came the discovery the real graphene as a shock. ‘When them found it was a stable material room temperature,’Tao says, ‘Everybody was surprised. ‘As it happens, minute traces of graphene will shedding if a lead pencil curve drawing, even though producing a 2 – D sheet of the material has difficult. Graphene is noteworthy in view of weight loss and resiliency. A one – atom thick graphene large a football field a football field, would weigh less than a grams. There is also the most powerful materials of nature – some 200 times the strength of steel. Most of excitement of, however, has to do with the unusual electronic properties of the material. Observed One possible biosensor application but so far create different device properties, Tao says.

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